Can I Take My Tesla to Mexico?

Kalispell Montana Flathead Electric Cooperative EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle early adopter and enthusiast Wade Harris recently retired from Flathead Electric Cooperative after nearly 28 years. His first goal in retirement: driving his Tesla Model 3 from Montana to Mexico! Can he take his Tesla to Mexico City? Let’s find out! This is the first entry of a six-part series written by Wade.

Entry #1 – I’m Retired!

It’s definitely time to change my latitude, and that will surely improve my attitude. Recently, I retired after my career with Flathead Electric Cooperative, and the first order of business is to quench my thirst for travel with a road trip south. 

Do you think that EVs don’t work well for road trips? Or charging is hard to find? Or charging takes too long? My adventure driving my Tesla from Montana to Mexico will address these questions. 

I left the Flathead on a Tuesday in March 2022 and drove to Billings. I’ve done this drive more times than I can count, to check up on Mom. It generally takes about 7 hours. My Tesla Model 3 and I are starting out with a full charge from home. About four hours later, we make our first stop in Helena to recharge. This takes about 30 minutes and will provide enough energy to make it to Big Timber for the last charge before Billings. A 20-minute charge in Big Timber is all that’s needed. 

Montana Tesla Supercharger Locations

  • Superior
  • Missoula
  • Butte
  • Helena
  • Great Falls
  • Bozeman
  • Big Timber
  • Billings
  • Miles City
  • Glendive

Tesla wants to install a Supercharger in Kalispell, so if anyone knows a business owner with 10 spare parking spots who would like the extra potential business traffic at their location, reach out to the Co-op and we’ll connect you with the right people at Tesla. 

Flathead Electric Cooperative Data Analyst Wade Harris with his Tesla.

Meet Wade Harris, retired research analyst for Flathead Electric Co-op, and Tesla Model 3 lover.

EV Roadtrip To Mexico

Taking a Tesla on a road trip is somewhat relaxing, believe it or not.  Autopilot keeps the car in the lane and prevents collisions, as long as you remain attentive (there is a test LOL). The 20-minute stops to recharge allow you to stretch your legs and use the restroom, grab a bite to eat, etc. 

I left Billings, Montana, fairly late, driving south, heading for Fort Collins, Colorado. Leaving with a 90% charge, I crossed into Wyoming and stopped in Sheridan, Casper, and Cheyenne to recharge. I arrived in Fort Collins in time for a late dinner and recharged overnight.

The next morning, I got away a little earlier, as my day’s destination was 500 miles away in Amarillo, Texas.  My next charges were in Monument and Trinidad, Colorado, and then Clayton, New Mexico. Arriving in Texas, I charged up at the Amarillo Supercharger before dinner. 

Another day closer to Mexico! My next leg is 525 miles to Austin, Texas.  I’m going to take a couple of days to enjoy a bike ride or two here, and then move down to San Antonio and be a tourist, since I’ve never seen the River Walk or the Alamo. 

Viva Mexico!

Stay tuned for the border crossing and the hoops that must be jumped through so that you can take your EV south of the border. There are definitely a few things you should know before you take your Tesla to Mexico.


Read the next entry here and follow Wade’s adventures on Instagram @wade_406. If you’d like to learn more about electric vehicles, please visit the Co-op’s website