Roundup for Safety is a community safety program sponsored by the Co-op and voluntarily funded by members who “round up” their monthly electric bill to the nearest dollar. The extra money provides grant funds for locally based nonprofit safety projects.

“Rounding up” only costs each member about $6 per year, yet it makes a huge impact on our community. Since 1997, the Roundup for Safety program has awarded more than $4.9M in support of over 1,300 community safety projects.

Roundup For Safety Stats


Number of Projects Funded in 2023


Number of Projects Funded since 1997


Lifetime Contributions from Members (1997)

2023 Contributions from Members



2023 Funds Awarded

Roundup Your Bill

Not sure if you’re rounding up for community safety?

If you are, Roundup is noted on your bill, which will always end in zero, due to the rounding. If you’re not enrolled and want to participate in Roundup for Safety, please do so here: Roundup for Safety Member Enrollment or call (406) 751-4483.

Apply For A Grant

To apply for a Roundup for Safety grant to fund a local non-profit safety project, please complete our online application:

Application Deadline:

The deadline for applications to be reviewed and considered at each month’s Roundup for Safety Board meeting is the last day of the prior month. Applications submitted later than the last day of the month will be considered at the next meeting. For example, an application submitted by January 31 will be considered at the February meeting; an application submitted on February 1 will be considered at the March meeting.

Recent Roundup Projects

Board Districts Map

Each Director represents a district within Flathead Electric Cooperative’s service area. To find your Director, click the area of your proposed project.

Roundup For Safety Board

The Roundup for Safety Board of Directors is independent from the Co-op. It evaluates all applications and award grants. The Directors typically meet at the Co-op on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

The meeting is subject to change to accommodate schedules, so if you are planning to attend, it’s best to call ahead at (406) 751-4483

Kaylee Hampton

Youth Director