Not everyone who wants solar panels can have them — some members rent their homes and cannot add solar, while others don’t have an opportune site for solar panels to generate energy. In 2015, your Co-op developed the area’s first community solar project, allowing any member to own locally-sited solar generation.

Community Solar Phase II

How does community solar work?

  1. Co-op members purchase panels in the Community Solar project.
  2. The sun creates energy which is captured by solar panels.
  3. Energy is transferred to Flathead Electric Cooperative’s distribution system.
  4. Panel owners receive bill credits for the energy created by their panel.

Interested in Community Solar?

The Co-op has completed two Community Solar projects and recently announced plans to build a third. Members on our waiting list will be the first to know when panels become available for purchase. Sign up below to be kept in the loop.

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More About Community Solar