Outages impacting your service should be reported by calling or texting OUT to 406-751-4449 or through your online account or mobile device. To report other damage to Flathead Electric Cooperative’s electrical equipment (poles, wires, transformers, etc.), text ISSUE to 406-751-4449 or use the form below.

DANGER! Never touch, go near, or drive over downed power lines. Never try to remove a tree or other object from a power line. Always assume the line is live, even when it appears de-energized.

Report any emergency situations to 911. Do not report emergency situations via this form.

Know your lines: We often share our poles with phone and cable companies, so sometimes we receive reports from members of damaged lines that are actually phone/cable lines, not power lines. Before submitting this form, please review the illustration below to determine if it’s actually a power line or a phone/cable line that’s been damaged.

Graphic showing the locations of FEC High Voltage Primary Lines, FEC High Voltage Secondary Lines (from transformer to building or pedestal), Transformer, and Low Voltage Phone and TV Lines
(Anything below the primary and secondary lines are TV/phone lines.)

Report Damaged Co-op Equipment

Generally, this would be your home address, however, if the damage is not on your property, please enter the closest known address.
Please include any other location information that will help us determine where to find the problem.
Please be specific. Pole down, leaning pole, drooping/cut wire, wire on ground, etc.
It can be very helpful to see a photo of the damage. If you can safely take a photo, please include it here. (Remember to never go near damaged electrical equipment.)
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