What Are Capital Credits?

Your Cooperative is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric utility. We do not exist to make money for shareholders – we exist only to provide low-cost, reliable electricity to you, our members.

One benefit of being a member of a not-for-profit co-op is that you share in any excess revenue.

Read on to learn more about capital credits.

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How Capital Credits Work


Money comes in from members when they pay their electric bills.

  • Electric bills can be thought of as each member’s fair share of the funds needed for their cooperative to run.


Money goes out to pay Co-op expenses.

  • Members’ dollars are pooled together and used as operating capital so that the Co-op can provide reliable service and pay expenses.


At the end of each year, if money is left over, it is allocated back to members.

  • If you are an active member, an allocation statement is included with your electric bill, typically in April or May.
  • If you are an inactive member, your allocation statement will be mailed to you in this same time frame.
  • Amounts allocated are determined by the electricity you were billed in the previous year.
  • Your allocation statement is not a payment or a bill credit but a reflection of the capital credits allocated to your account that may be paid to you at a future time (as the financial condition of your Cooperative permits).


Allocated capital credit funds are returned to members at a later date.

  • Capital credit funds are retained for a period of time for long-term improvements and maintenance of the Co-op equipment, to ensure reliable service.
  • This keeps rates lower by offsetting the need for the Cooperative to borrow funds.
  • As financial conditions allow, capital credits are retired (paid) back to members.
  • Most payments are returned as bill credits to active members.
  • Inactive members receive capital credit payments as mailed checks.


Unclaimed Capital Credits

  • Because capital credits may not be retired for several years, it is important that you keep the Cooperative informed of your current address.
  • Despite our best efforts, some capital credits go unclaimed. Most commonly, this is because a member moves without leaving a forwarding address.

Special Provisions

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Your Co-op would like to locate former members who have unclaimed capital credits on file. Please search for your name or business:

Unclaimed Capital Credits Lookup Tool