Flathead Electric Cooperative’s Scheduled Tree Maintenance

Flathead Electric Co-op is committed to providing safe, reliable energy, which necessitates pruning trees near power lines. Our vegetation management program is not random, but by design, and strives to be proactive. This program is based on industry best practices designed to prevent dangerous situations and ensure electric reliability. Our vegetation management program recognizes trees are the cause of most of our power outages but are also a very important part of the natural beauty of our valley. We strive to work collaboratively with you to address any concerns before tree work begins.

System Trim Program

Trees growing near and into power lines can create public safety hazards, start fires, and cause power outages. In your Coop’s service territory, trees are pruned or removed on a rotating schedule. Flathead Electric Cooperative’s entire power system is on an approximate ten-year maintenance cycle. To protect the 1,991 miles of overhead line, crews have a big job to do. This is in addition to responding to over 1,200 requests from our members each year.

Upcoming System Trim Schedule

Planned system trim areas in 2023 include parts of Swan Lake and parts of Essex.

Click on the maps below to see specific areas that are scheduled for 2023 trimming:

Swan Lake System Trim Map (JPG)