Our Motto is: “If you want to survive, assume it’s live.”

Never Ever Touch or Go Near a Downed Power Line!

When linemen work on electrical equipment, they NEVER assume a power line is dead — not even when it’s down or when the power is out. They can’t tell by looking at it, and neither can you. Professional testing is the ONLY way to verify if a line is energized.

Energized lines don’t necessarily spark or otherwise give warning. They can look completely dead. The bottom line is: if it’s not dead and you touch it, you will be dead (or severely injured).

If You See a Downed Power Line


  • Do notify the Co-op right away by calling or texting ISSUE to (406) 751-4449
  • Do stay far away from it (10 feet or more)
  • Do wait for our crews to arrive on scene
  • Always treat power lines as if they are extremely hazardous

Do Not

  • Do Not attempt to coil or clean up the downed wire
  • Do Not assume that when crew trucks pull up the line is de-energized
  • Do Not drive a vehicle across a downed power line

If You See a Sparking Downed Power Line

  • This is an emergency. Call 911 immediately.

Our motto is: “If You Want to Survive, Assume It’s Live.” Never, ever touch a downed power line.