Flathead Electric Cooperative offers resources to help our members keep the power on when times are tough. Please contact us or one of the resources listed below if you are having trouble paying your electric bill.

Delinquent accounts receive a past due notice on their bill statement and are mailed a disconnect notice (which will be the final notification prior to being disconnected). We encourage our members to contact us prior to this point so we can determine the best way to assist you.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program “LIHEAP”

Places to Apply

  • Community Action Partnership
    933 Farm to Market Road, Suite B
    Libby, MT 59923
    Phone: (406) 293-2712

How It Works

A portion of your home heating costs, as well as some emergency needs, may be met through LIHEAP.

Benefits are applied:

  • To the members’ primary heat source:
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Wood,
    • Propane
    • Oil
  • For the winter heating months of October through April

The member is responsible for usage prior to October 1st, as well as bills in excess of the LIHEAP benefit amount.


To be eligible, Co-op members must meet LIHEAP income and resource guidelines which are available on CAPNM’s website.

LIHEAP is funded by Federal and State government agencies (this is not welfare).

Eligibility is based on gross income from all household members and the value of their resources.

  • Benefit amounts are determined by:
    • Total income
    • Number of household members
    • Type of main heat
    • Size and type of home

Application processing may take 6 to 8 weeks.

Energy Share of Montana

  • Energy Share benefits are to alleviate a temporary heating or electricity crisis
  • Eligibility is not based solely on income but also on the extenuating circumstances the household is facing

How to Apply

Apply at Community Action Partnership (same as LIHEAP Address above).

Before Energy Share is considered, applicants must:

  • Apply for LIHEAP during the LIHEAP season (October through April)
  • Have a delinquent bill or less than 2 weeks of credit on a Flex Pay account

Often applicants are required to pay a portion of the bill before Energy Share will help.


  • Are accepted year-round
  • Deadline are at 5 p.m the day before a local committee meets

Local Committee

A local committee meets the first and third Wednesday of every month to review each application and make the final decisions on awarding benefits.

When determining the benefit amount, the local committee considers:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Emergency situations
  • Payment history on the account
  • Other factors

Contribute to Energy Share

Energy Share is funded mostly through:

  • Private donations
  • Corporate donations
  • Some state funding

To contribute to Energy Share of Montana, please visit the Energy Share of Montana Website.

50% Basic Charge Waiver Program

All recipients of this program must reapply for LIHEAP each year, or during heat season (October through April).

How to Apply

Apply at Community Action Partnership (same as LIHEAP Address above).


  • Residential members must be approved for the current LIHEAP heat season
  • LIHEAP applications may only be submitted between October 1 and April 30

Approved Members

  • Will receive a credit equal to half the basic charge on their bill each month for up to 12 months
  • Credit begins in the month we receive notice from the LIHEAP office and continues through the September billing
LIHEAP Website

Payment Arrangements

If you are unable to pay your bill, please call us! We want to help you keep your power on and avoid a disconnect.

Your Co-op’s staff can help you with payment arrangements or assistance so call us now. (406) 751-4483.

Without arrangements in place, if your account is 30 days past due, your service may be subject to disconnection.