Keep Your Home Safe, While You’re Away From Home

Before you leave your home for an extended period of time, you should arrange for someone that you trust to check-in on your home.

  • Perform periodic checks to make sure that your power is on. This simple step may help prevent any frozen or refrigerated foods from spoiling.
  • In the winter, lowering the thermostat to heat water and home helps reduce expense and unplugging major appliances is wise to protect your investments and may save on energy consumption.
  • Many systems such as ventilating, heating and cooling, fans, security, and lighting continue to operate while you are gone. Although you leave home, energy use continues.

Gone for the Season?

If you have a different winter address, please call us and we can change your mailing address for the time you are away, or you can simplify your life even more by signing up to manage your account online in the Smarthub website. Also, make sure Flathead Electric can still access electrical equipment on your property while you’re away.