Billing Options

Auto Pay

  • Simplify your life by setting up automatic payments.
  • Flathead Electric offers an automatic $0.50 monthly bill credit to members who use auto pay.
  • The amount of your electric bill will be deducted automatically from your designated bank account on your billing due date.

How to Set Up Auto Pay

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Go to “Billing and Payments” and “Auto Pay Accounts”
  3. You will still receive your bill in the mail indicating the total amount deducted (unless you choose to go paperless)

Go Paperless

Are you set up to view and pay your bill electronically, and no longer want to receive a paper bill? Members who go paperless automatically receive a $0.50 monthly bill credit.

 How to Go Paperless

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Go to “My Profile” and click on “Update My Printed Bill Settings”
  3. Use the slider to turn the printed bill status to “OFF” next to each account for which you no longer want to receive a paper bill

Budget Billing

Budget Billing allows members to level their bill amounts throughout the year to help with budgeting.

With Budget Billing:

  • Your last 12 month’s usage is averaged to determine your monthly bill amount
  • Your monthly bill still may vary slightly based on seasonal usage

Leveling bill amounts throughout the year helps our members with budgeting and keeps them from being caught off guard when higher energy usage leads to a higher bill than they expected.

Before and after budget billing bar graph illustration


  • A 12-month usage history at the address is required to enroll
  • Your electric account must have a zero balance
Fill out a form to enroll in Budget Billing

Flex Pay

Flex Pay lets you take charge of your energy budget – you control when and how much you pay:

  • Buy electricity in advance – that electricity will be automatically applied to your account
  • Track your usage and account balance, so you’ll always know where you are within your budget
  • You can add any amount of money to your electrical account at any time that’s convenient for you

Avoid Fees with Flex Pay

Flex Pay participants avoid paper bills and late fees and are not subject to deposits or connection fees! A minimum electricity purchase is required to get started — after that you can add as much or as little money to your account as needed. As long as you keep a credit balance on your account, your electricity will remain active!

If you are a new member to the Co-op there is a one time $30 new member fee that will need to be paid in addition to the minimum amount required to start Flex Pay. But if you’re already a member, there is no fee to switch to Flex Pay.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are already a member:

  • Your account must be paid in full up to your Flex Pay start date

Visit our Flex Pay Terms of Service and How to set up alerts and make payments pages on our website.