Do you need an upgrade?

When electric system designers set up service to your home or business, they do so with your end-usage in mind. If you need to add a significant amount of electric load down the road, you may need to upgrade your electric service.

New electric loads may result in additional fees or changes to a members’ rate class.

Upgrade reasons may include:

  • A home or business remodel
  • Installing a charger for an electric vehicle
  • Small to medium-scale agricultural operations

We typically size home and business systems for the load we’re told will be there. If you are anticipating adding more load, call us first for a consultation! Adding significant electric load onto your service without the properly rated equipment could potentially overload your transformer, which may damage the electrical system, cause power outages, and cost you extra money in unauthorized connection fees, fines, equipment fees and lost revenue.

Keep in mind that remodeling your home, installing an EV charger, etc., won’t always require an upgrade – but please consult with your Co-op first to find out.

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