Insulation upgrades may qualify for a rebate. Contact us or submit the form below before starting the project to determine eligibility.

Do I Qualify for a Rebate?

If you have a house with electric heat as your primary heat, and you are upgrading or installing new insulation, you can qualify for a rebate.*

Upgrade Area Existing Insulation Upgraded Insulation Rebate (per square foot)
Attic R0 R49 or greater $2.35
Attic R11 R49 or greater $1.05
Attic R19 R49 or greater $0.30
Bonus rebate if attic is air sealed) $0.08
(Closed wall cavity; cavity filled by drilling holes and filling with insulation.)
R0 R11 or greater $2.00
(Open wall cavity; one side is open for installation of insulation.)
R0 R21 or greater $2.00
Under Floor
(Applies to cantilevers and floors between garage/living space.)
R0 R19 $1.05
Under Floor
(Applies to cantilevers and floors between garage/living space.)
R0 R25 or greater $1.20
Bonus rebate if crawlspace is air sealed) $0.08

*Rebate amount cannot exceed total cost of installation. Compliance with all applicable Montana building codes is required. For information on multi-family dwellings, manufactured, and mobile homes, contact:

Get a loan to help pay for this upgrade: If you qualify, Flathead Electric will provide 3% fixed interest financing to help you upgrade!

Find an Approved Installer

To assure our members receive a quality installation with good customer service, we maintain a list of approved installers who have a good knowledge of FEC programs, install eligible equipment.

You are not required to use an installer from this list. All guidelines from manufacturers, along with local and state regulations, must be followed and verified to get a rebate.

Apply for a Rebate

Complete the following form to apply for your rebate. Note: if the homeowner and account holder are different parties, both must be available to e-sign this rebate form.

Prefer a paper copy of this form? Insulation Replacement Pre-Approval Form (PDF)