“Montana Home” Construction Program

Montana Home

Why build a certified energy efficient new home?

Houses that are built to “Montana Home” specifications qualify for a $1,500 rebate through Flathead Electric Cooperative. These homes are built with a goal in mind — a goal not to simply meet Montana’s energy code, but to exceed it.

From the ground up insulation levels, air sealing practices, and doors and windows, are upgraded. This results in a home that is quieter, more comfortable, and much less expensive to heat than code built houses.

Pre-planning and regular inspections by Flathead Electric’s Energy Services professionals ensure that the home is built correctly.

Note: New construction could also qualify for other rebates through Flathead Electric including heating systems, water heaters, and appliances.

How do I get my home certified?

  • Contact FEC or complete the form below prior to construction.
  • Meet with the appropriate FEC staff to learn the specifications.
  • Incorporate the proper components during construction.
  • Complete Montana Home checklist and required inspections.

Montana Home New Construction – Prescriptive Component Requirements (PDF)