Energy Survey

As part of a grant your Co-op received to help develop future energy programs, Flathead Electric is collecting information on how our members use energy in their homes. This information will be used by your Co-op to develop programs that can help keep your electric rates lower and will ultimately benefit all Co-op members.

Thank you, members, for helping your Co-op collect the required number of responses to our 2024 Energy Survey, in support of our recent CIDER grant. Going forward, we are excited to introduce a new and improved incentive program. Every month, residential members who complete the Energy Survey will be entered into a drawing for a $50 bill credit. The $10 bill credits have ended. Reminder, only one survey per member.

Take the Survey  

To better understand how your home uses energy, visit: Understanding Your Home’s Energy Systems – Flathead Electric Cooperative

To learn more about this project, visit: Co-op awarded CIDER funding, energy survey underway – Flathead Electric Cooperative.