Ground Source Heat Pump

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps achieve higher efficiencies by transferring heat between your house and the ground or a nearby water source
  • Low operating costs because they take advantage of relatively constant ground or water temperatures
  • Another benefit – your system can provide an inexpensive supply of hot water.


  • Save Energy & Money: Ground Source Heat Pumps are the most efficient heating systems. These systems can have efficiencies that approach 350-400% making them far and away the most economical system you could install.
  • Increase Your Comfort Year-Round: Homeowners with geothermal heating systems tell us they love their extremely low utility bills, but they love the incredible comfort even more. Heat pumps also provide high efficiency air conditioning, improving your comfort during hot smoky summers.
  • Greater Flexibility from your Heat: Ground Source Heat Pumps allow you to use forced air, radiant, or both for heating your home. This versatility will help you achieve your dream home.
  • Potentially receive an incentive rebate: Check out the table below to determine your rebate
  • Get a loan to help pay for this upgrade: If you qualify, Flathead Electric will provide 3% fixed interest financing to help you upgrade!
  • Save on your taxes: State and Federal tax credits may apply.


You can potentially qualify for rebates if you:

How Much Will My Rebate Be?

If You Have… Your Rebate Will Be…
Electric resistance heat (e.g. baseboards, cadet heaters) as your primary heat source $3,000
Electric forced air furnace $3,000
An existing ducted air source heat pump $3,000
Any non-electric furnace $3,000
Ductless heat pump $3,000
Ground source heat pump (upgrade) $500
New construction $3,000

Questions? Call Us First!

Your Energy Advisors are here to help. Give us a call if you have questions on this web form or any of the qualifications for rebates.

Apply for a Rebate

Complete the following form to apply for your rebate. Note: if the homeowner and account holder are different parties, both must be available to e-sign this rebate form. Prefer a paper copy of this form? Heat Pump Rebate Form (PDF)