A Tesla’s Trek: NW Montana to Salt Lake (Day 1-3)

Tesla Trek - Crazy Mountains

By: Wade Harris, FEC Research Analyst

Day 1 (May 4th), I traveled from Kalispell, MT to Billings, MT.

I didn’t skip taking this ^^ scenery shot while rolling down the highway. These are the Crazy Mountains near Big Timber, MT. I didn’t need more juice, so I did skip the stop at the nearby supercharger.

I took a little time Saturday afternoon to put a little shine on my Model 3. To recap my Friday drive from Kalispell, MT to Billings, MT, I drove a total of 458 miles. My drive time was 6 hours and 34 minutes. I stopped at Butte for 17 minutes of charging, and Bozeman for another 17 minutes. That’s it! I consumed about 127 kWh on the trip, and no gasoline!

Tesla Trek - shiny

I’m getting ready for my huge drive tomorrow. I will leave at 4 a.m. to make it from my parent’s house (in Billings, MT) to my 2:30 p.m. appointment at the Tesla Service Center in Salt Lake. There will be about an hour of charging en route. Check back — I’ll let you know how it goes!Tesla Trek - Billings to Salt Lake Route