Co-op members enrolled in Community Solar Phase I by purchasing one or more of the 356 panels located on Whitefish Stage Road.

Community Solar. Flathead Electric Co-op solar array

During Phase I of Community Solar, Flathead Electric Co-op built a solar panel “garden” in a sunny location on Whitefish Stage Road, visible to the publicon property owned by Flathead Electric. Co-op members enrolled in the project by purchasing one or more of the 356 panels. 

Community Solar Phase I Fast Facts
Where is this located? Whitefish Stage Rd.
What year did the project come online? 2015
How much did a panel cost at the time? $900, but members could use a 30% income tax credit.
How many panels comprise the project? 356
How many members own panels in this project? 267
How many watts is each panel? 285 watts
How much energy does each panel generate on average per year? 340 kWh
What is the average reduction on a panel owner’s electric bill each year? Based on today’s rates, and depending on which rate tier the generation offsets, residential members typically see a reduction on their electric bill of $18 to $35 per year per panel.
How many kilowatts are the panels capable of cumulatively generating? 86 kW
How was this funded? Via a $42,749 grant from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The balance was participant-funded.

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