Discovery Developmental Center, Kalispell MT

On November 9, the Roundup for Safety Board awarded $44,872 – a record amount of funding – to area nonprofits seeking support for community safety projects. All Roundup for Safety funding comes from participating Flathead Electric Cooperatives members who allow their monthly electric bills to be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The program costs each member about $6 per year and has provided over $4.8 million in funding since 1997. 

The Discovery Developmental Center sought to install a video intercom buzz-in system and responsive door locks around the perimeter of its Kalispell facility. Discovery has provided nonprofit childcare to thousands of Flathead families since 1992. Discovery has been in its current location off Meridian since 2005.  

Director Collete Box and Board Member Lori Roberts presented and shared several instances of safety issues in the Discovery parking lot. Box told the Board, “Discovery is ready to address increasing safety concerns by installing keypass control to three typically unlocked doors, giving us control of who can enter the building. Parents and teachers will have keycards.” The Roundup for Safety Board noted with approval Discovery’s existing $3,000 in seed money for the project and awarded $8,000 towards the door locks and intercom system. 

November grantees also include:  

RoundUp for Safety Flathead Electric Cooperative

Roundup for Safety is a voluntary program for Co-op members who round up their electric bills to the next dollar. This money is managed by an independent board and goes into a fund for community safety projects.

If your nonprofit is interested in applying for community safety funds, visit our Roundup for Safety page or call the Roundup for Safety Board Liason:


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