The Roundup for Safety Board awarded $12,000 to improve safety at Fair-Mont-Egan. 

Fair-Mont-Egan School, Montana

On February 8, Flathead Electric Co-op’s Roundup for Safety Board awarded $34,356 in grant funds supporting six community safety projects. 

Fair-Mont-Egan School, established in 1967, sought support to replace its campus security and emergency communications systems. The school’s intercom and entrance door are both beyond repair. As a result, campus-wide communications and securing the school’s entrance are both intermittent and unsafe.  

Libby Connor presented on behalf of Fair-Mont-Egan, relaying to the Board, “In just the past two years, we’ve had a grizzly bear near campus, a mountain lion on campus, student injuries, power outages, weapons and drugs on campus, classrooms locked down, life-threatening wind chill warnings, and a building intruder. During each event, some staff were not notified of the issue and necessary response protocols due to the unreliability of our current communication system. When Highway Patrol called our Superintendent to order the evacuation of our playground due to an active threat in our area, she had no means of communicating this information to all staff.” 

The Roundup for Safety Board noted the school district’s matching funds and in-house contributions to the project with approval and awarded $12,000 to improve safety at Fair-Mont-Egan. 

February grantees also include: 

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