Transformer Supply Chain FAQs

Can I buy my own transformer?

No. Even if you could find one, there are many different specifications for transformers, particularly regarding system voltages, and they’re not all compatible with our system. For the integrity of our system and the safety of our lineworkers and members, transformers must meet these specific requirements. Therefore, we must maintain control of the purchase, inspection, and installation of all transformers on our system.

How can I expedite my work order to receive a transformer faster?

Projects are only added to our construction queue once they have been through our design process, approved, and paid in full. At that point, workorders are ready to be built, and they are transferred to our operations team. Those “operations ready” workorders are generally prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis. Available inventory and operational considerations such as proximity to other projects or equipment may also impact timing of jobs built. The best way to expedite your workorder is to get your paperwork completed and your project paid in full.

I’ve heard that the Co-op is not placing any transformers in new subdivisions. Is that true?

No. It is true that we are not setting transformers in subdivisions when services are not yet ready. Once services are ready, we are working with developers to get transformers in place as quickly as possible to all or portions of the development. Depending on the type of job and equipment needed, lead times have ranged from two to eight months for recent subdivision projects.

How can I get more information?

Your Co-op can help!

If you need information about a new project or if you have questions about your workorder in-progress that has not been approved and fully paid, call (406) 751-4483 and ask to speak with the Distribution Design department.

If your job has been through our design process, approved and fully paid, call (406) 751-4428 with questions.