We continue to receive small shipments of transformers and continue to make progress on our waitlist. Here are the latest numbers:

Current Snapshot: Single Phase Padmount Transformers

The numbers below provide a current snapshot of our waitlist and associated wait times for non-subdivision jobs. These numbers are a moving target with jobs constantly being completed, new jobs being added to the list, and shifting inventory levels.

  • Jobs (requiring transformers) built since January 2023:
    • Total jobs built: 88
    • Average wait time: 74 days*
  • Total jobs ready to be built, waiting for transformers: 82
  • Longest wait on current list: 162 days*
    • **Transformers on order (not yet received) since December 2021: 1,438
      Transformers received since December 2021: 553

*Wait times vary depending on the job type, size of transformer needed, and current inventory. Some jobs are further delayed due to weather and not inventory issues.