Section 1: Redistricting – Appointment of Redistricting Committee

  1. Every 3 years staff shall generate a report of the current number of members in each district. If the deviation from the average number of members is greater than ± 10%, the Board shall appoint a redistricting committee comprising 1 officer of the Board, 1 then-serving member of the Board, and 3 at large members of the Cooperative. This committee shall present a written recommendation to the Board by August of the year preceding the possible redistricting. The committee’s recommendation shall propose revisions using natural geographic division lines when practical and providing that the membership in each district shall be as nearly equal as possible. The Board shall then review the committee’s recommendation at the next regular monthly meeting for adoption or rejection.
  2. If the plan is rejected, it shall be returned to the committee for modification. If the Board rejects the committee’s proposal a second time, the Board shall be responsible for adopting a redistricting plan within 60 days of such rejection.
  3. If the plan is adopted, the newly-proposed district boundaries shall be drawn at least sixty (60) days before the annual meeting, and the resulting districts shall be in effect for elections at the next annual meeting.