Board of Trustees District #3 Vacancy

The Flathead Electric Board of Trustees is accepting applications for a representative from District #3 to fill a vacancy on the Board. The appointed representative will serve until the Cooperative’s next annual meeting in 2024, at which time a Trustee from District #3 will be elected by the members. Online applications are being accepted through October 6.


Per Article VI, Section 3 of the FEC Bylaws, any person shall be eligible to become or remain a Trustee who:

  • Is a member of the Cooperative and is not otherwise disqualified
  • Maintains primary residence within the district which he or she represents; and
  • Is a natural person.

District 3 encompasses Whitefish and Big Mountain. Review the FEC District Map.


Per Article VI, Section 4 of the FEC Bylaws, a member shall not qualify for the office of Trustee or shall become disqualified to serve as a Trustee if:

  • The member has been an employee of the Cooperative for any length of time within the immediately preceding seven (7) years;
  • The member or a member of his or her immediate family is, or becomes, an employee of the Cooperative;
  • The member Trustee fails to attend two (2) monthly meetings of the Board in a calendar year without approval of the Board;
  • A conflict of interest exists which includes but is not limited to situations in which the Board candidate or member:
    • Is employed by, is an agent of, or is an immediate family member of an employee or agent of the Cooperative;
    • Is employed by or materially affiliated with any other Trustee;
    • Regularly and directly competes with the Cooperative or any entity that the Cooperative controls or in which the Cooperative owns a majority interest;
    • Owns an interest greater than 10% or holds a management position in a business wherein more than ten percent (10%) of the goods or services sold are sold to the Cooperative or one of its subsidiaries, or a combination thereof.
  • The member or trustee has been declared incapacitated or of unsound mind by a final order of the court;
  • The member or trustee has been convicted of a felony;
  • The member has an immediate family member who is currently serving as a trustee.

Position Summary

Interested parties should carefully review the following FEC Board Policies to ensure they can meet the expectations of serving as an FEC Trustee:

FEC Board Policy “B” Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

FEC Board Policy “C” Code of Ethics & Standards of Conduct 

FEC Trustees must be willing and able to give the time to prepare for and attend monthly and other meetings of the Board; state, regional, and national association meetings; and Trustee training and education. The following sample calendar outlines the typical annual commitments of a Trustee. This list is not all-inclusive, but is intended to give an idea of the schedule:

FEC Trustee Meetings & Events Calendar

Each FEC Trustee is expected to attain their Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate (CCD) within 18 months of being elected.

Selection Process

According to Board Policy, a Selection Committee consisting of three Trustees and three members-at-large from District #3 will make recommendations to the Board on an appointed representative from the submitted applications.

  • Applications must be submitted online by October 6 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Interviews will take place during the timeframe of October 23 to November 7.
  • The final decision and appointment will be made no later than November 16.

How to Apply

Complete the online application by October 6 at 5 p.m. to be considered for the position.

Apply Now

Questions? Contact our Executive Assistant: