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How to decode your NorthWestern Energy power bill |

We loved this in-depth piece from the Montana Free Press on how to understand utility bills from NorthWestern Energy. In our area, electricity is ONLY served by Flathead Electric Cooperative, but some parts of our service area ALSO have access to natural gas service through NorthWestern Energy. This can cause some confusion, so sharing this article is a great opportunity to help provide some clarity. Here’s what you need to know:

If you receive bills from BOTH Flathead Electric Cooperative AND Northwestern Energy, that means that your electric service comes from Flathead Electric Cooperative and your natural gas service comes from Northwestern Energy. In this case, typically, your home heating and water heating are natural gas-powered, and your other electrical equipment (lights, appliances, etc.) are electrically powered.

If you don’t receive a bill from NorthWestern Energy, you are likely in an area without access to natural gas, which means that ALL your energy consumption from home heating, water heating, powering appliances, etc., is electrically powered by your Co-op.

The main difference between these two utilities is that NorthWestern is an investor-owned utility (IOU), and Flathead Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit Co-op owned by the members we serve. In Montana, IOUs are regulated by the Public Service Commission, while co-ops are directed by YOU, the member-owners, via a Board of Trustees you elect. As a member-owner, you’re also invited to our Annual Members’ Meeting each year where you can learn more about the Co-op that powers you. Save the date for this year’s Annual Meeting & Energy Expo, coming up April 18.

How to decode your Flathead Electric Co-op electric bill

Flathead Electric Cooperative offers a similar tool to help members understand their electric bills. Our My Bill Explained page walks you through our bill layout and can help you learn more about what contributes to your monthly electric bill. Your Co-op works tirelessly to keep electricity affordable and reliable for the community we serve. We are proud that our members enjoy some of the nation’s lowest electric rates and nearly 100% carbon-free renewable electricity, thanks in large part to our access to the federal hydropower system that supplies most of our power. Our employees are members of the Co-op as well, and we are available to assist you with questions about your bill or to discuss how to manage your energy usage. We love talking to our fellow members, and we encourage you to Contact Us any time.

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