Directional pruning:

  • Removes branches growing toward the power lines while leaving those that are growing away
  • Is the most appropriate pruning method for utility line clearance

How will a tree look after it is directionally pruned?

  • Trees growing directly under power lines may appear U or V-shaped (crown reduction or throughpruning)
  • Trees growing alongside power lines may appear L- shaped, or one side may be completely removed (side pruning)
  • The tree may often appear misshapen but this pruning is being performed to provide for safety and service reliability, not for aesthetic purposes
  • Trees growing near the power lines will never have the potential to grow with a “natural” shape

Do Not Top Trees! Also called ‘roundingover’. It involves cutting branches to stubs or lateral points that are not large enough to grow successfully.

  • This is not directional pruning
  • Not an acceptable pruning practice

It can:

  • Severely weaken the tree
  • Kill some species