Fill it: Run your washer and drier with full loads unless the washer and dryer have automatic adjustment for smaller loads.

Separate: Lightweight and heavy clothes take different lengths of time to dry. If you wash by weight of the fabrics you can save on your drying costs.

Wash your laundry in cold water: 90% of energy consumption for washing clothes comes from heating the water. Utilize cold water with a cold water detergent to get your clothes just as clean and save. Besides, they’ll fade less and have fewer wrinkles. You might even save on ironing. Save washing in warm water for whites or hard-to-clean items. Not sure if this will work for you? Start small: rinse in cold water and wash in warm. If this works, try a cold rinse with cold wash.

Take advantage of residual heat: Why heat the dryer up to operating temperature for every load? Dry multiple loads of clothes in a row to take advantage of the residual heat in the dryer which helps dry the subsequent load.

Get the lint out: Clean your dryer’s lint screen after every use and check and clean the dryer venting system at least once a year. Besides keeping your clothes looking good, a lint-free dryer works much more efficiently.

Check your hose and faucet connections: Check for hose cracks and leaky faucet connections. Both can cause you to lose water (or worse: hot water) every time you wash a load of clothes.

Don’t overwork your clothes: Most clothes need only a 10 to 15 minute wash cycle to get clean. Over drying will make them stiff, wrinkled, and nearly impossible to iron. They’ll wear out faster too! Wash and dry for only as long as necessary.

Dry them for Free: Install a clothesline and use the sun to dry your clothes. It’s free, and the only energy it requires is yours to hang them on the line.

New Clothes Washer: Reduce your washing costs by as much as 70% by replacing your washing machine with a new ENERGY STAR® labeled model. These models can also reduce your detergent use, reduce clothes drying time, and cut water use by 30% or more which could equal 6000 gallons per year. Less water also means a lower water bill. FEC offers a rebate for the purchase of a high efficiency clothes washer.

New Clothes Dryer: Save on your dryer costs but choosing an Energy Star rated model or even better a heat pump model to save more! FEC offers a rebate for the purchase of Energy Star Dryers.