Section 1: Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the members, for the purpose of giving reports for the previous fiscal year and transacting any other properly noticed business as may come before the meeting, shall be held at least once each calendar year at such place in Flathead County, Montana, and by such means or methods as allowed by law as shall be designated by the Board of Trustees.

Section 2: Special Meetings

  1. The Cooperative shall hold a special meeting of members at a date, time, and location determined by the trustees upon the Cooperative’s receiving:
    1. A written or oral request from the President; or
    2. A written request signed by at least 3 trustees; or
    3. 1 or more written petitions signed and dated, within 60 days following the first signature, by at least 2,500 members.
    4. Each page of the petition shall include the purpose for which the meeting is being called, the printed name and address of the signer and their telephone number and original dated signature.
  2. If the Cooperative fails to properly notify the members of a special members’ meeting within 30 days of receiving any member petition, then any member signing the petition may:
    1. Set a reasonable time, place and location for the special members’ meeting; and
    2. Properly notify the members of the special meeting.
  3. The agenda for a special meeting shall be limited to the purpose for which the meeting is called.

Section 3: Notice of Members’ Meetings

  1. As directed by the president, secretary, or any other officer or member(s) properly calling a members’ meeting, the Cooperative shall deliver written notice of the meeting, personally, electronically, or by mail, to all members entitled to vote at that meeting at least 10 days, but no more than 25 days, before the meeting.
    • For any annual meeting the notice shall indicate the date, the time and location, and shall include a description of any matter or matters that must be approved by the members.
    • For any special meeting, the notice shall indicate the date, the time and location, and the purpose of such meeting.
  2. Unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws, a notice of a members’ meeting is delivered when deposited in the United States mail with prepaid postage affixed, or sent via electronic means, and addressed to a member at the member’s address on record.
    • The inadvertent and unintended failure of any member to receive notice of any members’ meeting shall not affect any action taken at that meeting.
  3. The Board shall determine the agenda for any members’ meeting. Members may request an item be placed on the agenda:
    1. If agreed upon by 3 trustees at least 45 days before the meeting; or
    2. If petitions including the printed names, addresses, telephone numbers and original and dated signatures of at least 2,500 members are provided to the Board at least forty-five (45) days before the meeting.

Section 4: Conduct and Attendance at Members’ Meetings

At any meeting of members, unless otherwise determined by the Board, the president:

  1. Shall preside at all members’ meetings;
  2. May exercise any power reasonably necessary for conducting any members’ meeting efficiently and effectively.

Section 5: Quorum

The quorum of any annual or special members’ meeting shall be two hundred (200) members present who are eligible to vote. The quorum established at the beginning of the meeting shall constitute the quorum for the entire meeting.

In the event that a quorum is not present at any annual or special members’ meeting, a majority of the members present may adjourn the meeting to a date no more than thirty (30) days following the original members’ meeting.

Section 6: Voting

Each membership shall be entitled to one vote.

Section 7: Ballot

Every member shall be provided the opportunity to vote on all Bylaw amendments and trustee elections. The Board shall establish the method(s) of balloting from those allowed by law.

All properly completed ballots received on or before the time and date specified shall constitute a vote. If duplicate ballots are received from a member, all of that member’s ballots shall be disqualified.

A member’s failure to receive a ballot does not affect any action taken by the ballot.

The ballot shall:

  1. Describe each proposed Bylaw amendment and identify all candidates upon which the members are asked to vote;
  2. Provide a reason for the proposed bylaw amendment, if any; and
  3. Instruct members how to complete and when to return the ballot.

Section 8: Announcement of Voting Results

The results of all voting shall be announced after certification by the Board and will become effective at that time.