Section 1: Access to Property

  1. As determined or required by the Cooperative, each member shall provide the Cooperative safe and reliable access reasonably necessary to operate the Cooperative safely, reliably and efficiently or to provide Cooperative services to any real or personal property in which the member possesses a legal right as well as to extend the Cooperative’s distribution line(s) serving the member’s property so that electric service can be extended to serve any member owning adjoining property.
  2. In the cooperative spirit, members and the Cooperative agree to work together. Members shall grant the Cooperative the right to inspect, monitor, operate, repair, maintain, or remove any Cooperative facilities or equipment. Members shall grant an Easement to the Cooperative for extending new facilities or relocating existing facilities. Where practical, the Easement shall follow property boundaries, existing roadways, driveways or established trails.
  3. Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the Cooperative owns all Cooperative facilities and equipment. Each member shall protect all Cooperative equipment and shall install, implement and maintain any protective device or procedure required by the Cooperative.

Section 2: Non-Liability for Debts of the Cooperative

A member is not liable to third parties for the Cooperative’s acts, debts, liabilities or obligations.

Section 3: Provision of Service

  1. The Cooperative shall provide Cooperative services to members in a reasonable manner. The Cooperative neither guarantees nor warrants continuous or flawless provision of Cooperative services.
  2. After providing a member with reasonable notice and an opportunity to comment orally or in writing, the Cooperative may suspend or terminate any Cooperative service to that member.
  3. The Cooperative may suspend or terminate service without notice if a member has tampered or interfered with, damaged or impaired any facilities or equipment furnished or used by the Cooperative to provide, monitor, measure or maintain any Cooperative service, or upon discovery of any unsafe condition or imminent hazard.

Section 4: Membership List

The Cooperative shall maintain a current membership list, but in order to protect the privacy of individual members, the list shall not be made available.