Section 1: Membership Eligibility

  1. Any individual or entity shall be eligible to apply for membership who has the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts and who consumes, receives, purchases, or otherwise uses:
    1. Electric power or energy generated, transmitted, distributed, sold, supplied, furnished, or otherwise provided; or
    2. Any other good or service provided by the Cooperative and, as determined by the Cooperative, reasonably relates to the person using electric power or energy.
  2. No person, either individually or through an entity not considered legally separate from its members, owners, or participants, may hold more than 1 membership.
  3. Membership shall become effective upon completing the membership application to the Cooperative’s satisfaction and receiving a Cooperative service.

Section 2: Membership Classifications

The Cooperative may have one or more classes of membership to accommodate various types of service. If the Cooperative has more than one class of membership, the Board of Trustees shall determine, under rules of general application, the definition, rights, and obligations of each class, including the method for allocating patronage capital.

Section 3: Joint Membership

2 natural persons may be issued a joint membership. Joint members are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The joint membership shall be entitled to one vote at a meeting of the members.
    1. Notice to one member of a joint membership shall constitute notice to both members;
    2. The presence of one member of a joint membership, at a meeting, shall be regarded as the presence of the member; and
    3. The waiver in writing or the presence at a meeting of one member of a joint membership waives notice of the meeting by the joint membership.
  2. The suspension or termination of either member of a joint membership constitutes suspension or termination of both members of the joint membership.
  3. Either member of a joint membership, but only one, may be elected or appointed as an officer or trustee, if individually qualified.
  4. Upon the death of either member of a joint membership, such membership shall be transferred to an individual membership. However, the estate of the deceased member shall not be released from any debts due the Cooperative.
  5. Members of a joint membership are jointly and individually liable to the Cooperative for the membership’s obligations.

Section 4: Suspension or Termination of Membership or Service

  1. The Cooperative may suspend or terminate membership:
    1. Upon request of the member;
    2. For failure of the member to comply with the Articles of Conversion, these Bylaws, or policies of the Cooperative.
  2. Membership may be suspended or terminated if the member dies or if the membership is legally dissolved or legally ceases to exist.
  3. Membership shall terminate effective when the member ceases to receive electric service from the Cooperative. Upon termination of membership, a terminated member shall retain the right to receive capital credit retirements.
  4. Suspension or termination of membership does not forgive any amount owed to the Cooperative at the time of suspension or termination.
  5. The Board shall establish policy regarding review and appeal of any suspension or termination.