1. Submit a pre-approval form and contact Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) for an inspection: (406) 751-5291
  2. Determine what windows you are going to order. The new windows must have a U factor of 0.30 or lower (0.29, 0.28, etc).
  3. Provide FEC with a copy of the proposed order sheet showing size of windows and specifications for proposed windows.
  4. FEC will provide a quote of the potential rebate amount.
  5. Order and replace the windows (see below).
    • Highly Recommended (required by most window manufacturers):
      • Install sill/pan flashing.
      • Install window and rest of flashing.
    • Required:
      • Trim the outside: paint all surfaces (including end cuts in the field) and caulk all gaps. The new window flange must be covered and protected from exposure to sun and water.
      • Air seal the inside between the window and rough opening with caulk, backer rod and caulk, or low expansions window foam. Make sure to document with photos.
  6. Save all window stickers: either leave them on the windows or take them off and place them on sheets of paper to save
  7. Call FEC to get a final inspection: (406) 751-5291.
  8. Provide FEC with copies of all the window stickers documenting the U Factor and a copy of the invoice.

Window Replacement Steps

Step A:

Install sill pan flashing with dam or slope and peel back water resistant barrier (water-resistant barrier = tar paper or house wrap) on top of window opening.

Window diagram showing sill/pan flashing

Step B:

Apply sealant to sides and top of opening.

Window Diagram

Step C:

Install window and secure flanges.

Window Diagram

Step D:

Flash sides and top (in this order).

Window diagram showing non-flexible, self-adhered membrane

Step E:

Fold water-resistant barrier back down.

Window Diagram

Step F:

Tape corners of water-resistant barrier and install trim (or foam board and new siding).

Window diagram showing corner tape

Many materials are available for sill pan flashings and side/top flashings. Call for a list of options.

Window Replacement Process (PDF)