Free trees for Earth Day! 2023 Annual Meeting member gift – Rocky Mountain Juniper sapling

2023 Annual Meeting Gift – Trees

Traditionally, gifts are given to members who attend our Annual Meeting. This year, as our Annual Meeting is on Earth Day, we are giving away trees!

Your 2023 gift tree is a Rocky Mountain Juniper sapling. Rocky Mountain Junipers are native to our service territory and their drought tolerance makes them a resilient choice for Flathead Electric Co-op members to plant.


When it comes to planting your gift tree, we ask you to be aware of the locations of both overhead and underground power lines. Simply look up before you plant you tree to see if there are overhead power lines. Your Rocky Mountain Juniper has a slow growth rate of about 1 foot per year. Eventually though, it could reach a height of 30 to 60 feet tall, with a spread of 8-20 feet. Please make sure to plant this tree 30 feet from any overhanging power lines to avoid creating a future hazard.

Additionally, you must call 811 for underground locates before you dig – it’s for your safety and it’s the law.

Tree Care

Take care of your baby tree! Water once a week during the hottest months of the year until roots have established.

Rocky Mounting Juniper Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take a tree?

Nope! If you choose not to take your tree it will be donated to the Arbor Day foundation and planted locally within our service territory in honor of Earth Day.

Where should I plant this tree?

You can maximize your energy savings by planting this tree to the West and South of your home or business. Once mature, the shade can help to block the hot summer sun, potentially lowering your energy consumption. Wherever you plant it though, make sure you plan before you plant to ensure it is 30 feet away from overhanging power lines.