Co-op staff share tree safety tips.


Northwest Montana is filled with beauty, and an incredible number of trees. We all love trees – except when they crash into power lines and leave us without electricity!

A tree branch that comes in contact with an energized power line can cause power outages – or worse! That’s why your crews at Flathead Electric Cooperative work year-round to trim healthy trees and remove others that are destined to eventually break power lines. You can safeguard your investment and your property by planting the right tree in the right place. Not all trees are meant to be planted near power lines!

  • If you’re planting a tree LOOK UP for overhead lines, and call Montana 811 for a free line locator before you break ground.
  • When it is time to trim or cut existing trees near electrical equipment your Co-op urges you to call us first! We might need to de-energize your power line to keep you safe, and if so, we’ll do so at no charge to you.

Tree trimming is all about keeping our community safe and keeping the lights on. Learn more on our Trees page.

Sharilyn Fairweather

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