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Redundancy. Robustness. Resourcefulness.

Dear Members of Flathead Electric Cooperative,

At your Co-op, staff talks a lot about resilience – like the resilience our linemen show when they’re repairing power lines in incredibly challenging weather. What else goes into resiliency?

We also discuss the redundancy our engineers build into our grid. Redundancy allows electricity to enter your home or business in multiple ways. It allows staff to move electricity around the system and restore power faster when it goes out.

When I hear the word robust, meaning something that is strong and in good condition, I think of the hydropower system that provides our area’s electricity.

As our region considers how to manage our energy future, resourcefulness will be required. FEC is ever committed to preserving your access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy, such as hydropower from the Federal Columbia River Power System, and we continue to expand generation with projects like our local Landfill Gas to Energy Plant.

Prizing redundancy, resourcefulness, and robustness has allowed your Co-op to remain resilient for over 86 years. Resiliency is the key to our continued momentum and will be the focus of this year’s Annual Meeting. I hope you will join us on April 22 to continue this conversation.

Mark Johnson, General Manager, Flathead Electric Cooperative

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