Maiden Voyage of the EV Experience Program

Electric Vehicle Experience

By: Teri Rayome-Kelly, FEC Communications Administrator

Flathead Electric Co-op’s Nissan Leaf was taken out for its maiden “EV Experience” voyage this week by longtime member Huston Finke, and in his words, “it was amazing!”  Huston and his wife Anne had the car for the day. They ran errands, attended appointments, and tried to use it like they would their own car.  They reported that the Leaf was comfortable and fun to drive.

Flathead Electric’s EV Experience offers Co-op members the opportunity to borrow FEC’s all-electric Nissan Leaf to see what it’s like to drive an electric vehicle (EV).

There’s a common misconception that EVs are small or uncomfortable, but that’s not the case. The Leaf is much like any other car its size on the road. It has great cargo space, plenty of rear seating, ample leg and head room, plus, it has a great sound system if you want to cruise along and listen to your tunes. The Finkes reported that as a daily driver, the Leaf would be a great car to travel around the valley in and much cheaper to operate. (On average, the cost of operating an EV is about 2 cents per mile, compared to operating a gas car of the same size at about 12 cents per mile.)

So, who’s next? Did you ever wonder if an electric vehicle would fit in to your daily life?  If you’re a Flathead Electric member and you’d like to borrow our Leaf and experience life with an EV, sign up for the EV Experience today.