Pulse Project

Pulse Project

What is the Pulse Project?

The Pulse Project is an annual community blood drive and fundraiser. It was created by Flathead Electric employees to meet two basic needs they saw in our community:

  1. Collecting life-saving blood
  2. Raising funds for energy assistance

Every day, FEC employees encounter members in our community who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis. These members don’t qualify for other low-income assistance programs, and since we are a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, we have limited means to help out these members in their time of need. Each year we hold the substantial goal of collecting a total of 100 pints of blood for the Red Cross and Vitalant, and we ask our financial sponsors to donate funds in proportion to that 100 pint goal.

This year’s results:

108 Pints

108 Pints of Blood

On September 8 and 9 we were able to collect 74 pints of blood for the Red Cross, and 34 pints of blood for Vitalant. This is enough blood to save up to 324 lives!

17 First Time Donors

17 First-Time Donors

One goal of the Pulse Project is to recruit blood donors who have never before given blood. As a thank-you, we give $25 Amazon Gift Cards for all first-time donors. This year, we attracted 17 — tell your friends for next year!

22230 Dollars

$22,230 in Energy Assistance Funding

This year, our financial sponsors helped us add $22,230 to our Pulse Project fund. To-date we have dispersed funds to over 224 local families in need of help, and are grateful to each and every financial sponsor who has made that assistance possible.

Who receives energy assistance through Pulse Project funds?

On a regular basis, we encounter decent, hardworking members struggling to pay their bills. These folks are typically experiencing temporary financial burdens, such as a medical crisis, loss of a loved one, being laid off from a job and so on, and may not be eligible to receive traditional low-income assistance. As a not-for profit, member owned Cooperative, our resources available to provide assistance are limited. Members selected to receive Pulse Project funds will receive a credit applied to their Flathead Electric bill to be used for energy costs. All donations to this will stay 100% local, helping members of our community like these:

A member suffered third-degree burns to his hand and arm in an accident, rendering him unable to work at his craft (wood products) for a few months. A friend took him a couple of meals and asked how else she could help. He told her he was very worried about paying his power bill above all. So, she told him to call FEC, which he did, but was embarrassed to do so, not being the type to ask for help. He had no other energy assistance (had never needed it until then) but worked paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. FEC was able to credit $200 to his account through the Pulse Project. From our Member Service Representative:

“When I called to tell him, he was stunned. He had no idea there was something we could do to help with this (hopefully) one-time crisis, and he was anxious to learn more about the program. I won’t be surprised if, once he’s able to get back to work, he doesn’t then contribute to the fund.”

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