Co-op Advises Members of New Scam

Flathead Electric Co-op advises that scammers are contacting members and threatening to disconnect their power if they do not upgrade their meters for $500. The scammers urge members to buy gift cards and then ask for the redemption information on the card’s back. The scammers claim they are Flathead Electric employees and/or Trustees.

Other scammers ask members to provide financial or personal information over the phone to prevent disconnect. Scammers are attempting these schemes via both text messages and phone calls. Some scammers can program their phone numbers to appear as if they were calling from the Co-op.

It is not the policy of Flathead Electric Cooperative to threaten members with immediate disconnect if there is a balance on their account. The Co-op follows a comprehensive series of procedures with regards to delinquent accounts to find an equitable solution for all concerned.

Should you receive a call like those reported, do not release your personal or financial information, or pay using gift cards. Hang up the phone! Notify the Co-op at 406-751-4483. You can also report unwanted calls or scams to the Federal Trade Commission: www.reportfraud.ftc.gov