Flathead Electric Cooperative occasionally needs to schedule a planned outage to ensure our system’s reliable and efficient operation. We understand that these outages can be inconvenient for our members, and we sincerely apologize for any disruption caused. However, planned outages are essential for several reasons:

  • to make equipment repairs and proactively address potential issues that could lead to future power outages
  • to perform routine maintenance, inspections, and testing on equipment, such as power lines, transformers, and substations
  • to facilitate system upgrades or expansions to meet increasing demand, to comply with regulatory requirements, or to improve overall system performance

Ultimately, planned outages contribute to the overall reliability and stability of the electrical grid and reduce the risk of unexpected future power outages. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation as your Co-op proactively works to ensure a reliable and resilient system for all members.

Scheduled Outage Notifications

Sometimes we are able to carefully plan the timing of these outages to reduce the impact on our members, but sometimes they are more sudden and emergent. We will make every effort to notify impacted members prior to the outage by sending automated text messages or phone calls when possible. Please make sure to keep your contact information up-to-date by logging into your online account or calling your Co-op at (406) 751-4483.