Liv Wilson reflects on her experience during the 2018 Washington D.C Youth Tour.

Liv Wilson

Liv WilsonThe NRECA Washington D.C. Youth Tour was a once in a lifetime experience. Now that I have had some time to reflect on my week in our nation’s capital, I feel a strong desire to relive the week over and over again.

I feel honored to have shaken the hands of our Senators, Steve Daines and Jon Tester, who treated us exceptionally well. A distinct highlight of my experience was a personal nighttime tour of the Capitol Building by Congressman Greg Gianforte, who I had the honor of meeting. We were able to see D.C. from the “Speakers balcony,” watch a speech being delivered on the House of Representatives floor, and learn about the beautiful and historic features of the Capitol Building. I enjoyed talking to one of Gianforte’s aids and learning about potential future career opportunities in government.

Every single monument was breathtaking and each museum was intriguing. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been chosen for this tour and truly wish every young adult could participate in a voyage similar to the NRECA Youth Tour. Mostly, I am most grateful for the people I met while on Youth Tour. I had so much fun seeing the sights of Washington D.C. while getting to know many of the other participants.

“I am incredibly thankful to Flathead Electric Co-op for sponsoring my participation in Youth Tour. I feel more certain about my future and learned a great deal about how Co-ops support the community and our country. I will forever treasure the memories I made and the knowledge I gained at the NRECA Washington D.C. Youth Tour.”

– Liv Wilson

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