Flathead Electric Co-op warns members about scammers posing as employees and using threats of disconnection and legal action to obtain private information.

Flathead Electric Co-op advises that scammers claiming to be Co-op employees are contacting members and attempting to obtain their private information. Most recent scam attempts include the following scenarios:

  • Threat of disconnect due to an outstanding balance for a meter exchange/upgrade
  • Threat of legal action if an outstanding account balance is not paid the same day
  • Prompts to call a 1-800 number at which the person answering claims to be from Flathead Electric Co-op

It is not Co-op policy to threaten members with immediate disconnect if there is a balance on their account. The Co-op follows a comprehensive series of procedures with regard to delinquent accounts to find an equitable solution for all concerned.

Should you receive a call like those reported, do not release your personal or financial information, or pay using gift cards. Hang up the phone! You can also report unwanted calls or scams to the Federal Trade Commission: www.reportfraud.ftc.gov

Courtney Stone

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