Hydropower is reliable, affordable, and carbon-free. Raise a glass of water to celebrate National Hydropower Day with your Co-op! 

Close up photo of a model of the electrical distribution system

In Northwest Montana, and the greater Pacific Northwest, our electricity is mostly generated by water. Flathead Electric Cooperative proudly provides affordable, reliable, largely carbon-free power to 57,000+ members in the greater Flathead Valley and Libby. The Co-op invites its members to celebrate National Hydropower Day on August 24. 

“Flathead Electric Cooperative has been powered by hydro since 1937, when we first turned on the lights in 117 farmhouses across the Flathead Valley. As a leader in renewable energy for 86 years, the Co-op is thrilled to celebrate National Hydropower Day,” shared Tia Robbin, Assistant General Manager at the Co-op. 

As a Bonneville Power Administration customer, approximately 97% of the Co-op’s fuel mix comes from carbon-free resources, such as hydro, wind, and solar. Of that 97%, over 82% of the fuel mix is comprised of hydropower projects, like the Hungry Horse and Libby Dams and other dams in the Columbia River Basin. 

Hydropower has powered America with clean, renewable energy for over 135 years. National Hydropower Day celebrates hydropower’s undeniable contributions to America’s clean energy infrastructure. As the renewable resource that integrates the other renewables, like wind and solar, onto the grid, hydropower plays a critical role in advancing America’s clean energy future.  

Given that hydropower pairs perfectly with other renewables, such as wind and solar, states throughout the U.S. are recognizing that hydropower is needed to help them meet their clean energy targets. Hydropower enables greater integration of variable renewables into the grid by utilizing excess generation and being ready to produce power during low wind and solar generation periods. Hydropower can quickly ramp up electricity generation in response to periods of peak demand, such as Montana’s frigid winter mornings. Hydropower is also reliable, affordable, and carbon-free. Raise a glass of water to celebrate National Hydro Day with your Co-op!