How much does it cost?

Each solar panel has a rated output of 345 watts and costs $750. Phase II of Flathead Electric’s Program costs just over $2.00 per watt to construct.

Why would I elect to sign up?

This program provides an easy and affordable way to participate in a solar energy project and support renewable energy development. You will receive a monthly credit on your electric bill for the electricity generated by your portion of the project.

Is this program available to all FEC members?

The vast majority of our members can participate. Whether you are a business, nonprofit group, or household (rented or owned); living in a single family home, apartment or condo – you qualify to participate.

Can solar power work in Kalispell?

Yes. FEC’s members are adding solar power each year. Despite being as far north as we are, our area receives similar solar exposure to Germany, the world’s leader in solar energy.

How does the Program work?

Flathead Electric Co-op builds a solar array and then allows members to purchase a panel. Each month participating members will receive a credit for the amount of electricity generated by their panel. At the end of the contract time period, which FEC expects to be through 2043, the ownership of the panel reverts back to […]

What is Phase II of Flathead Electric’s Community Solar Program?

Instead of putting a complete solar system on your own home (which requires home ownership, the right sunny location and a fairly large upfront investment), this program lets many people come together to build one larger solar array. Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc. is building Phase II of the Community Solar program right here on one […]