Downed Power Lines

If you want to survive, assume it’s live

Never ever touch or go near a downed power line!

When linemen work on electrical equipment, they never assume a power line is dead — even if it’s down, or even during a power outage. They can’t tell by looking at it, and neither can you. Testing by professionals is the only way to verify if a line is energized or not.

Energized lines don’t necessarily spark or otherwise give warning. They can look completely dead. The bottom-line is if it’s not dead and you touch it, you will be dead (or severely injured).

If you see a downed power line:


  • DO notify the Co-op right away by calling 751-4449
  • DO stay far away from it (10 feet or more)
  • DO wait for our crews to arrive on scene
  • ALWAYS treat power lines as if they are extremely hazardous


  • DO NOT attempt to coil or clean up the downed wire
  • DO NOT assume that when crew trucks pull up the line is de-energized
  • DO NOT drive a vehicle across a downed power line

If you see a sparking power line:

  • Call 911 immediately as this is an emergency situation

“Our motto is: IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE, ASSUME IT’S LIVE. Never, ever touch a downed power line.”