Flathead Electric Cooperative asks for the public's assistance in locating members with unclaimed capital credits.

Flathead Electric Cooperative Trustees recently retired $3 million in capital credits allocated to members in 2008/2009. These capital credits were largely returned to members as credits on November 20 – December 15 electric bills. Crediting bills saves Cooperative members significant printing and postage costs and the extra step of depositing a check. 

However, inactive members don’t typically receive a bill, so their capital credits are returned via mailed checks. Members are most often inactive because they have moved. If they haven’t updated their mailing address, sometimes their capital checks are undeliverable and go unclaimed.  

The full list of unclaimed capital credits is available on the Co-op’s website at flatheadelectric.com/capital. If you know a former member who is on this list, please have them call the Co-op at 406-751-4483 or 1-800-735-8489. The Co-op appreciates your assistance in returning capital credits to all members, whether active or inactive. 

To learn more, visit What Are Capital Credits – Flathead Electric Cooperative. 

Courtney Stone

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