Very nice car

I was surprised to get the Leaf for several days, the car is a kick to drive, it was set up in ECO mode and would automatically brake when I let off the throttle (can’t really call it a gas pedal).  The car was very responsive, very quiet and comfortable.  I had no problem staying in the speed limit.  Most of my driving was in town, I did go to the Amish store and the dump so I did have a little highway driving with it.  In all of my driving I don’t think I used more than 20 percent of the charge, I plugged in to my 120 volt source in the evening and it would be up to 100 percent by the morning and would show a range of about 187 miles available.  Checked with the power company and it didn’t seem to raise my usage as much as I thought it would.

Very nice car.


Don Brown