Unclaimed Capital Credit Notice

Capital credit checks were issued to Flathead Electric Co-op members in December; however, checks for some former members went unclaimed because the Co-op does not have their current mailing address. Flathead Electric maintains a list of accounts with unclaimed capital credits, and is asking for members’ assistance in locating individuals on the list.

One of the many benefits of being a member-owner of Flathead Electric Cooperative is that after the Co-op’s expenses are paid, any excess margins are allocated back to the members in the form of capital credits. Those annual allocations are added to each member’s capital credit account. As financial conditions allow, Flathead Electric retires those capital credits in the form of checks to current and former members. To date, the Co-op has retired all capital credit up to 2005. Remember, because capital credits may not be retired for several years, it’s important that you keep the Co-op informed of your current address.

To see the full list of accounts with unclaimed capital credits, visit Capital Credits. If you know of a former member who may be on this list because they changed addresses, please have them call 406-751-4483 or 1-800-735-8489.