“This is Cool”

By: David Bopp, FEC Energy Services Representative

The first night I drove the Bolt home I arrived in the dark just before my boys’ bedtime. The next morning as I was walking out the door to get my oldest to the bus for kindergarten, I tell him to hurry along and get in the car. He steps out on the landing and sees the Bolt for the first time. His eyes get big and he says; “That one!?” He runs down the stairs, hops in, buckles his booster seat and takes a look around. He rubs his hands over the seat and takes in the car including the screen in the front and says; “This is cool!”

I have to agree. It is quiet and smooth and has great acceleration. It looks good and handles great. Plus it is connected and has some great safety features. This car is cool.

For any gear heads out there here are some stats:

  • Horsepower: 200
  • Torque: 266 foot pounds
  • 0-60 mph: 6.5 seconds
  • MPG: 128 mpg-equivalent
  • Front wheel drive
  • Seats Five (Two in the front, three in the back)
  • Range: 238 miles (more on this in a later blog)

Lithium-ion battery

  • 60 kWh
  • 350 Volts
  • 960 pounds
  • Propulsion only
  • Liquid cooled
  • Located under the occupants cabin
  • In case of a collision power is cut automatically
  • 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty
Photo credit: www.chevrolet.com/electric/bolt-ev-electric-car


Lead acid battery

  • Accessory power only
  • Located under the hood


  • Level 1 Charging: 4 miles per hour or 60 hours from empty
  • Level 2 Charging: 9 hours from empty
  • Level 3 Charging: 90 miles in 30 minutes or 2.5 hours from empty

Electric Motor

  • Permanent magnet AC motor
  • 8810 rpm max


  • Single speed

Here is how the Bolt’s stats compare against the Chevy Trax (virtually the same car but with a gas engine and drivetrain):