Scammers out in full force

Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) wants to advise the public that some members have received fraudulent phone calls and automated messages threatening to cut their power off. The imposters ask the consumers to provide credit card or other financial account information and personally identifiable information over the phone. One angle of this scam is to say the consumer owes on his or her account and will have service shut off unless payment information is provided immediately. Please do not fall victim to these scams and help FEC spread the word.

The Co-op does not call and threaten to disconnect power. Staff follows a comprehensive series of procedures with regards to delinquent accounts to find an equitable solution for all concerned before a disconnect is carried out.

Should you receive a call similar to those reported, do not release your personal information and please notify the Co-op. Local law enforcement agencies should also be advised when illegal activity is suspected. In addition, if you are concerned about protecting yourself from identity theft or feel you may be a victim, you can find more information by visiting the Federal Trade Commission’s identity theft site at