Thermostat Rebates

Thermostat Rebates

When installed and programmed correctly, the right thermostat can save energy and help lower electrical demand. For members with electric heat, Flathead Electric Co-op offers rebates on the purchase of smart thermostats and line voltage thermostats. To be eligible for a rebate, the installed thermostat(s) must be on the Bonneville Power Administration’s Qualified Product list.

Smart thermostat rebates:

  • $140 rebate per homeowner installed thermostat
  • $165 rebate per contractor installed thermostat
  • For electric furnace or heat pump systems
  • Maximum of one rebate per furnace or heat pump controlled, and two rebates per household
  • Does your smart thermostat qualify for a rebate? Review the list of qualified products.
Apply for Smart Thermostat Rebate   Download PDF


Line voltage thermostat rebates:

  • $18 per thermostat
  • For electric baseboards, wall units, or radiant systems
Apply for Line Voltage Thermostat Rebate   Download PDF

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