Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

As your trusted cooperative, we have evaluated this new technology and found it to be the most efficient water heater upgrade available. Plus, after the rebate and tax credit a heat pump water heater could pay for itself in under a year.

Heat pump water heaters are designed to fit into the same locations as standard electric water heaters and are just as durable but there are some differences:

  1. They draw heat from the air around them and therefore they must have enough air space to work.
  2. They discharge cool air into the space around them.
  3. They use a fan to move air which means there is a filter to be cleaned occasionally.
  4. They produce condensate which will need to be piped to a drain. It is very important to make sure you follow all manufacturer’s installation instructions to make sure your new water heater performs.

Install a Heat Pump Water Heater and use 50% less energy to heat your water. The amount you spend to heat water each year comes in only second to how much you spend to heat your home.

  • What is a heat pump water heater?
    They are an electric water heater that provides high efficiency hot water. Half the cost; same hot water.
  • How do they work their magic?
    They draw heat from the air around them to heat the water (like a fridge but in reverse).
  • How do I qualify?
    Replace an existing electric water heater with a qualifying model in an existing home.

Please visit www.hotwatersolutionsnw.org for more information including help with sizing, installation, where to purchase, and more. You are also welcome to call or stop in our office to talk with an Energy Services Representative.

Apply for a rebate

Please review the qualified products list for eligible water heaters.

To apply for a rebate, complete the Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Form (PDF).

Find an approved installer

To assure our members receive a quality installation with good customer service, we maintain a list of approved installers who have a good knowledge of FEC programs, install eligible equipment.