Duct Sealing Program

  • Save Energy & Money
    Duct sealing can save you up to 20% of the electric heating portion of your bill.
  • Have a More Comfortable Home
    Get more warm air to those back bedrooms.
  • Get up to $200 in a Utility Rebate
    If you qualify, FEC will help you pay for this upgrade.

Why should I have my heating ducts sealed?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homes with un-insulated leaky ducts can lose up to 60% of heated air before it even reaches the registers. Our no/low cost PTCS duct sealing program seals those leaks, increases the efficiency of your heating system, reduces heating costs as much as 20%, and conserves resources.

Do I qualify for rebates?

Yes, if you:

  1. Have a manufactured home with an electric furnace or an air source heat pump.*
  2. Have your ductwork in an unconditioned space.
  3. Use an installer from our approved installer list.
    *site built homes qualify if built on an unconditioned crawlspace.

A Qualifying Home CANNOT:

  1. Be new construction.
  2. Have a fossil fuel central forced air heating system.
  3. Have ductwork located in a conditioned (insulated) crawlspace or basement.

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